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Independent Social Work & Family Support Service

We offer qualified and experienced independent social workers and health and social care professionals, who are committed to providing consistent high quality independent assessments and associated services within set time-frames.  All work is quality assured in-house to the highest key performance indicators by senior social work assessors.
All practitioners at Mark Hatter Associates are professionally recruited through a rigorous recruitment and selection procedure. All our social workers have a minimum of five years assessment experience and all undergo our rigid compliance process, in which they are fully referenced and have a yearly enhanced DBS check.  All our social workers are registered through Social Work England and are publicly and professionally insured. 
We run regularly training sessions for our team, to support them in their ongoing continued professional development.

Our Independent Social Work & Family Support Services  includes PAMs, ParentAssess and CUBAS assessments.

We have been asked to be involved in the trialing the new ParentAssess Special Guardianship model and to provide feedback for its ongoing development. Local Authorities can request that we use the new model at no extra cost to the current SGO assessment framework. 

Online Access for (ISW) Services.

This service has been designed to provide solicitors, barristers and Local Authorities with rapid access to the CV's and availability of our ISWs when they need to agree those services as soon as possible (for example, when they are in a court setting). It provides additional reassurance that deadlines and submission dates for assessments can be met. 
Professionals simply sign up to the service and once approved can access the ISW information on their laptops, tablets or mobile telephones.
​Please click here to sign up.