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Effective Communication With Children - using the Tales of Bushey Lane and Activity Packs

Effective Communication With Children - using the Tales of Bushey Lane and Activity Packs

Mark Hatter Associates

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A full one day course or, as an alternative, two twilight sessions can be offered


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Mark Hatter


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Endorsed by Professor Eileen Munro the Tales of Bushey Lane is the first children’s book that has been specifically written and illustrated to assist those who are working with children and their families, to effectively communicate with children in order to gain a full understanding of their life experiences and to assess the level and quality of the care they are receiving. Used within a social care setting it has proven to be an effective assessment tool during initial child and family assessments, Section 47 investigations, it is used during Special Guardianship assessments and is used to interview the birth children of prospective foster carers.

The book is accompanied by four optional Activity Packs which can be completed during the session/s with the child and are used to expand on the themes within the book and further encourage the child to talk about their life experiences. 

Whilst the book and activity packs are designed for children within the 3 to 8 year age range they are equally as effective for older children who may have learning difficulties. It has proven to be a very effective tool when used alongside an interpreter, with children whose English is not their first language.

 Course Details

This course, which  can be run for up to 25 participants, and is adapted to meet our clients needs and budget, enables participants to improve their communication skills when working directly with children and their families and to build upon their understanding and knowledge. The course considers the professional's responsibilities within the legal framework under Working Together, analysing assessment content and focusing on the domains and dimensions of the Assessment Framework whilst exploring the 'Child's Journey' definition.The course also enables participants to use reflective supervision and hypothesis in facilitating good assessment practice.  When recording the information, a stand-alone report is completed which can be uploaded onto Local Authority systems as a document to integrate the report into the final Child and Family Assessment.

Delegate costs include a complementary copy of the book and activity packs.  

When requested, we can evaluate the outcomes of the implementation and use of the book and packs by participants. 

The Tales of Bushey Lane is the must have book for any professional working with children. It will significantly improve safeguarding practice, it can be used alongside Signs of Safety and the Strengthening Families model and it will improve upon the decision making process. Call us now for further information and to arrange for one of our team to visit you. 


Former Director of Children's Services

"Whilst the Director of Children Services for Harrow Council I commissioned the Tales of Bushey Lane and its activity packs and oversaw its roll out across the three Child in Need Teams. Each Social Worker and their line manager were trained in the use of the book and the activity packs and it quickly became evident that there was a positive impact on the detail and information that was gained from children during the assessment process. The book and activity packs are a valuable addition to any Social Worker’s practice; they positively contribute to demonstrating the child’s journey and are an important safeguarding tool which I am more than happy to provide an endorsement for".

Senior Social Worker 

"The book has been a great aid for myself working as a social worker. As a social worker sometimes you do not find enough tools to use to work directly with children, and you can sometimes lose the main aspect of Social Work if you do not have the correct tools. The book is a universal resource which can be used to explore the child’s true wishes and feelings, the book encompasses all aspects of the common assessment framework. The child is drawn to the pictures and the story throughout, and is able to relate to Willow and the other characters. I have found it to be a great way to speak to a child and be on their level. The images and descriptions are easy enough for a child to follow and they are able to relate to the pages and remember their family members, neighbours, likes and dislikes and any incidents that may have occurred. It is a great great tool to use with children and I can cannot emphasise how helpful it has been in communicating with children. In every case I work, where possible I take the book along with me and make sure it is used in the correct way".

 Recruitment Manager - Private Fostering Agency

"For the past year we have been using the Tales of Bushey Lane and the Activity Packs as part of of recruitment process for prospective foster carers. We have found it invaluable when using it to gain an understanding of the life experiences of the prospective foster carers own children, and in particular how they themselves are parented".