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Parental Substance And Alcohol Misuse

Parental Substance And Alcohol Misuse

Mark Hatter Associates

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Course Length

1 Day

Course Trainers

Mark Hatter/Julie Barton

Course Dates

16th January 2020



About The Course

This one day course is designed for staff that work directly with families where children are known or are suspected of having been exposed to parental substance and alcohol misuse. 

  •  This includes all Class A, B drugs, legal highs, alcohol and steroids. The course is particularly relevant to health and social care professionals, who complete CAF Assessments and Section 47 enquiries.
  • The course will explore the impact of this misuse on a parent's functioning  behaviour and parenting capacity, whilst exploring the long term emotional, psychological and physiological effects on their children and their outcomes.
  • The course will also explore the current professional mind-set around effective substance misuse treatments and the legal framework.

Learning Outcomes

  • To provide full understanding of all the commonly used substances and the effects of each substance.
  • Consideration and understanding of the impact on parenting capacity of alcohol, heroin, cannabis and amphetamine misuse.
  • To provide awareness of the effect and impact (short and long term) that parental substance misuse can have on children's physical and social development.
  • To explore the range of treatments and therapy options available to misusers, how the service user can access these and their relative success rate.
  • Further discussions surrounding abstinence versus controlled use to provide understanding.
  • Consideration of the difficulties and dilemmas professionals face in care proceedings, the need for effective based evidence gathering and the necessity of making clear and robust recommendations that are child focused at all times.
  • To provide improved confidence and overall knowledge when working with parents and their children in relation to abuse of substances.

The course learning style is mixed, with direct learning from powerpoint, group and small group case study exercises and analysis and discussion.